Friday, 27 January 2012

Teddy Girl!!!!

I am currently doing a project at college about a decade in fashion and i chose to do the 1940's to the 1950's. I know alot about how things changed dramatically for women and fashion but until recently i never even knew Teddy Girls even existed!!!.....
I love thier look its like a well tailored rebellion. It has elements of grunge , goth, androdgony and new edwardianism. With their "duck arse" quiffs , drainpipe trousers, oversived blazers and masculine white shirts.

Gorgeous image of modern day Teddy Girl

Original 1950's image of a Teddy Girl

Another 1950's image

I have to design a shirt from the decade i have chosen  so i decided to focus on Teddy Girls of course !!
I found images that i found inspirational to help with my designs from my original Teddy Girl images above and images that show traits of Teddy Girl style.

Edwardian style shirt  ... classic ....simple...

Highstreet lace shirt  with the traditional teddy girl bow

Classic white shirt , soft collar with bow and lace detail

Modern shirt with the lace panel on the back

White shirt with edwardian style chest panel

Modern style shirt  in a deep purple colour and the use of a zip

Gorgeous Collette Dinnigan dress with printed lace detail

 Christopher Kane neon lace shirt dress

 I've got alot of ideas they just need sorting out now  ...

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