Sunday, 29 January 2012

Urban Aztecs

I completed my Urban  Aztecs project at college and have finally finished my dress.
I'm not a big fan of prints  i much prefer fabric manipulation and embellishments.
I like how you can change the shape of someones silhouette just by how you cut and work with the fabric.  Over exaggerating some areas and hiding others.

My dress is made out of teal jersey and white linen which i dyed orange/yellow/red.
I used brass coloured pyramid studs to embellish the  hood, shoulders and top of the skirt.

This is one of the photos i took at the British Museum which i found the most interesting. I loved the contrast in colour between the deep teal and bright red. I also loved the shape of the serpents body , the fluid shape which draws your eye in.

The front of my dress

Close up of the skirt
Even though it took alot longer to make than i thought  it would and i was stressed out alot of the time im happy with the outcome.  It was worth it  :) .....

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